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The Heat Engineering Co. realizes that you need to breathe freely outdoors and in. While sealing off a building to keep the temperature inside consistent has become a norm these days, it can also have other, less desirable effects. Research from the Environmental Protection Agency shows that indoor air pollution can be a serious problem, since sometimes the most dangerous contaminants might not be visible.

Indoor Airborne Contaminants

Airborne contaminants like bacteria, mold, and pollen can build up inside enclosed spaces. These substances are invisible to the naked eye, but may be the hidden culprit worsening allergies, asthma, and other serious health problems. The trained technicians at The Heat Engineering Co. can help improve your indoor air quality with energy-efficient products that remove unwanted particles. Specially constructed air cleaners and air purifiers cleanse the indoor environment, helping you breathe better.

How Can I Tell if My Indoor Air is Pure?

You may want to request an Indoor Air Quality Assessment to gauge your indoor air’s purity. Even if you have been changing your HVAC filters every 30 days as recommended, the root of an unclean air problem may be elsewhere. Possible signs of indoor air pollution include coughing, eyes watering, skin itching, sore throat, nausea, and fatigue. If you are experiencing any of the previous symptoms and can’t seem to figure out why, schedule an appointment with one of The Heat Engineering Co.’s professionally trained specialists today. They will be able to suggest potential indoor air problem areas and solutions, like air humidifiers and ventilators, that will keep you comfortable inside for years to come.

What Else Should I Do to Keep My Indoor Air Clean?Air Purifier Installation in Countryside IL, Hinsdale IL, Burr Ridge IL, Western Springs IL, Indian Head Park IL, & La Grange IL

Duct cleaning is key to maintaining a clean indoor air environment, especially in a building with central cooling and heating. Air ducts can serve as homes for a variety of contaminants, including:

  • Fungi
  • Bacteria
  • Dust mites
  • Pet Dander
  • Viruses
  • Mold spores
  • Insect droppings
  • Allergens

These undesirables multiply within damp air ducts and get pushed into your home or place of work when your air conditioner or heater comes on. To keep the spaces you live in from being invaded by unwanted particles, have an HVAC technician inspect and clean your air ducts every few years. This will keep air clean and able to flow through your home unimpeded, saving you money on utilities.

Having a The Heat Engineering Co. specialist inspect your air ducts can prevent cracks and leaks that occur naturally with time. You pay to heat and cool your home or office, but your money is being wasted if the air escapes through duct leaks. Cracks can also let in pests that will deteriorate the quality of your indoor air. Call The Heat Engineering Co. to schedule an Indoor Air Quality Assessment or duct inspection today and breathe easy tomorrow.

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