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With hydronic heating, warm water or an alternative liquid is distributed throughout the house from the hydronic warming system via plastic pipes. Typically, these pipes will be setup in your home’s cement slab or open flooring, permitting heat to expand equally over the entire floor. Additionally, baseboard heating elements and radiators may be used for hydronic warmth.

Closed Loop Hydronic Heating

Closed loop hydronic heating enables versatile temperature control, while sustaining an amazing amount of power and energy efficiency.

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With a hydronic heating system, you can leave chilly tile flooring behind! Your kitchen area as well as your bathroom will be warm and cozy from heated tiles. Your feet will never be chilly again! Your early morning stroll to the bathroom will be enjoyed with a pleasant and gentle warmth from below.

Traditionally, warm water hydronic heating systems had to be set up within the cement slab of the house, but modern advances have provided more options for today’s homeowners. Sophisticated styles are now available and hydronic heating can be installed beneath hardwood flooring, carpeting, laminates, and vinyl floors. This means that just about all conventional floor coverings can be utilized atop hydronic heating systems. Call (708) 246-3300 to schedule a consultation! Our hydroinic flooring experts will review your current flooring and present the options that are available to you.

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