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If your heater is producing enough heat, you might not give it much thought.  Calling for service, only when there’s a problem, is a common and costly mistake.  Without proactive maintenance, the dependability and efficiency of your furnace steadily declines.  While it may still manage to warm your home, your system is costing you more to operate, placing additional stress on components, degrading indoor air quality and living on borrowed time.  If consistently neglected, your furnace is headed for disaster.  To safeguard against wasted energy, malfunctions and the very real safety concerns of a faulty heating system, call the professionals from The Heat Engineering Co..  Our trained technicians have the tools and training to complete service quickly.

A tightly sealed home is necessary to combat the rising cost of energy, but as ventilation is minimized, combustion byproducts are an increasing concern.  Carbon monoxide and formaldehyde can be leaked into the air stream because of incomplete combustion or faulty heat exchanger.  Bacteria and allergens, if allowed to accumulate within the system, are then circulated throughout your home and inhaled by occupants.  A defective heating system is a danger to your health.  Professional inspection is the best defense.  Through seasonal tune-ups, The Heat Engineering Co. will identify and correct any concerns, heading off future repairs and promoting safe operation.

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While you may keep the exterior of your furnace clean and free from any obstructions, the inner workings of your furnace require professional attention.  Dust and debris, when left unchecked, restrict air flow and cause the system to work longer and harder to reach temperature goals.  Comfort and efficiency suffers.  Parts endure excess wear and tear, and due to longer run times, may even overheat.  Moisture from the air in garages, basements and crawlspaces may cause corrosion.  There is a long list of potential problems that can easily be caught before they result in system failure.  Through annual inspection, tightening, and comprehensive cleaning, the licensed technicians from The Heat Engineering Co. protect your furnace from operational faults.  Replacing worn parts before they set off a chain reaction of damage, saves considerable amounts in repairs and extends overall lifespan.

The benefits of seasonal maintenance far outweigh the minimal time and cost involved. By calling The Heat Engineering Co., you’re investing in energy efficiency, system dependability, and a comfortable home.  A convenient service plan leaves the upkeep your furnace in the capable hands of our factory trained technicians.  We will satisfy warranty coverage stipulations, restore your equipment to peak performance, and make sure you’re home is a warm, safe and comfortable place to relax this winter.  Through the use of foot and floor coverings, and a tidy jobsite, we never leave you with anything to do but enjoy the results of our work. Contact The Heat Engineering Co. at (708) 246-3300 for rewarding and quality service in Countryside and throughout Countryside, Burr Ridge, Hinsdale, Western Springs, La Grange, Indian Head Park, La Grange Park and Brookfield, IL.

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I had an overall positive experience with everyone I dealt with from getting the quote on the installation to the ultimate completion of the project. They were responsive to my request and appointments were always right on time.

James B.

I have used The Heat since we moved in to our house 8 years ago, and they perform maintenance on our aging furnace and A/C. Every service person they’ve sent has been knowledgeable and takes time to explain their process.

Leslie S.

Super professional service! This has to be the best contractor experience we’ve ever had. In-and-out in under 6 hours for a furnace, A/C, and water heater replacement. Clean, efficient, responsive, thorough.

Jon P.

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